It’s becoming a habit – writing in here.
I wish I didn’t have so many things to say.

I met Cheryl today.
We talked for hours about many things.
Including our future.

Is Elton going to be part of my future?

I’m so upset thinking about this.
How is he sure that he will be in my future then?
I’m driven to achieve my goal. He has a goal too. But his goal doesn’t seem realistic; at least not with his personality, his temper. 

He has many shortcomings. I’m sure I have them too. 
Sometimes it’s so overwhelming I wish he was who I thought he was at the beginning. But that wouldn’t be him wouldn’t it?
Was he just putting on a show? Only showing the nicest side.

Another lesson to learndon’t give your heart away so freely

Always so quick to trust. So quick to fall. I have barely even gotten time to know him.
Now my heart and future is at stake for my recklessness.


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