Tipping the scale

4 years ago I weighed 42kg. I wanted to be at 40kg instead.
4 years later I weigh 46kg. I want to be at 43kg instead.

I thought I was becoming fat then.
Now I am on the route to being one.
Chubby cheeks. Round tummy. Fat thighs.

I used to eat lesser.
1 hour ago, I ate mala hotpot. I ate 4Fingers for dinner and had fries & ice lemon tea with it. Lunch was char kuey.

How do people restrict themselves?

I was once able to.

I ate lesser. Cut out snacks. And even limited my sugar intake.
It was tough. It took forever for me to lose a kg.

I always think I have things rough. But looking back, it’s never the case.
I’m determined to cut back this time round. It is so hard. I can barely even restrict the amount of food i eat. 
 I crave for sugar. And I snack too.

Now, I run jog once a week.
I know that’s not enough. I can’t run. I hate running. But I’m still doing it. All for the sake of losing weight and trying to be healthy.

 The calories I burn while running is so low yet what goes in increases by ten folds.
I always look at others. I envy them.
How can they be so skinny. How do they have the determination to exercise. Why was I borned this way.

I am almost desperate for solutions for me to be slim but fit.
I heard green tea is good.
I hate tea. But I am willing to try to get into the habit for the sake of it’s benefits. 

How long will it take me to get there?


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